Dance Company


BEGINNING   Dancers will learn basic tap steps, terminology and correct technique for executing footwork.  Various styles of music will be used to learn rhythmic awareness and sensitivity to tempos.  Short combinations of basic steps will be introduced to understand the beginning of phrasing with music.   The Shim Sham will be introduced.

INTERMEDIATE   Dancers will review basic steps, and review correct placement and weight shifts and refine skills for clarity and timing.  We will continue variations of basic tap steps with different tempos to improve speed and accuracy and learn intermediate level technique skills such as riff walks and time steps.

ADVANCED  Dancers will review basics and intermediate level combinations working toward more complex rhythms.  We will learn more about dynamics, accents and shading using extended phrasing involving total body movement and we’ll work for speed, clarity and exactness in technique.

TAP TECHNIQUE  This class is a non-performing opportunity for those dancers who want to hone their skills and is highly recommended as a second class in addition to a choreography class.  Dancers should already know basic tap steps.


Typical dance attire is jazz or yoga pants, t-shirt and tap shoes.  No long skirts or jeans.


Class fees are based on length of class and weeks in the session.  The average length of class is one hour ($11.00).  Payment for the session is due by the third week of class.  Special alternate arrangements can be made.  Drop-ins are welcome for $15.00/class.


It is important to attend classes regularly to avoid missing new material. Just as important is to be on time for class and participate in the warm-up.  Being late disrupts the class and teacher and occasionally allows for missed information or announcements.  Private lessons are available for makeup at $20.00 per ½ hour or $25.00 per ¾ hr. (North Albany location)

Performance opportunities available.